Lapping Machines

Below is a list of our lapping machines available. For more information on any of our current machines, please contact us.   Any machine below listed “as new” means new.

We also sell brand new Lapmasters throughout a majority of the U.S. and Canada.

12″ Lapmaster, bench model, 3 rings, 4-1/4″ I.D., pump, timer, hand weights, as new

14″ Peter Wolters 2-Sided Lapper, No. ALOO1Z, 66 Tooth, cycle timer, cheap, 1980’s

Wolters 1 e1547505707471 50x75 Lapping Machines Wolters 3 75x50 Lapping Machines Wolters 6 e1547505827608 50x75 Lapping Machines Wolters 5 e1547505898324 50x75 Lapping Machines Wolters 7 e1547505974666 50x75 Lapping Machines Wolters 8 e1547506038455 50x75 Lapping Machines

15″ Lapmaster, bench model, rings, cycle timer, runs fine in shop, with pad, cheap, 1980’s

AP 1 56x75 Lapping Machines AP 10 75x56 Lapping Machines AP 9 75x56 Lapping Machines AP 8 75x56 Lapping Machines AP 6 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

15″ Lapmaster, bench model, 3 rings (5-1/2″ ID), pump, timer, hand weights, as new

15″ Lapmaster Hand Lapping Plates, new in crates, for Lapmaster LSP-6 Lapper.

IMG 3102 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

16″ & 20″ DoAll 2-Sided Lapper, dual wheels, ceramic or cast, cycle timer, 1980’s(2)

DoAll 1 56x75 Lapping Machines  Lapping Machines

20″ Lapmaster, H.D. table model, open face, variable speed, 3 rings, (7-1/2″ I.D.),  as new

24″ Lapmaster, air hold downs, 3 rings & 3 adj. arms,, variable speed, cycle timer, 2000

24″ Speedfam, O/F, 4 rings (9″ I.D.), weights, timer, single phase, exc. lap plate, 1985

20170309 185404 2 75x56 Lapping Machines 20170309 185444 2 75x56 Lapping Machines

24″ Lapmaster, open face or hold downs, 3 rings, 9-3/4″ I.D., slurry pump, timer, as new

25″ Speedfam No. 9B5L, 2-Sided, new Siemens controls, Sony probe, rebuilt 2019

28″ Stahli 2-Sided Fine Grinder, No. DLM 700, new CBN wheels, coolant/filtration, 2004

Stahli700 1 1 75x64 Lapping Machines Stahli700 2 75x56 Lapping Machines Stahli700 4 1 75x56 Lapping Machines Stahli700 7 1 75x56 Lapping Machines Stahli700 8 56x75 Lapping Machines

28″ Engis Hyprez, air hold downs, 3 ring style (12″ ID), slurry pump, timer, 1995

28Engis 8 75x56 Lapping Machines

32″ Speedfam, Model 32BTGW, fully equipped, 4 rings (12″ ID), water cooled, 1990’s

32Speedfam1990 1 e1553195410716 56x75 Lapping Machines 32Speedfam1990 3 e1553195441825 56x75 Lapping Machines 32Speedfam1990 10 e1557933279450 56x75 Lapping Machines 32Speedfam1990 12 1 e1557933377707 56x75 Lapping Machines

36″ Lapmaster, open face, new rings (12-1/2″ ID), slurry pump, timer, adj. arms, 1988

36Lapmaster1988 23 75x56 Lapping Machines 36Lapmaster1988 22 1 56x75 Lapping Machines 36Lapmaster1988 20 75x56 Lapping Machines 36Lapmaster1988 24 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

36″ Engis, cycle timer, slurry dispensing system, air pressure plates, 1989

36Engis 1 e1552589697309 56x75 Lapping Machines 36Engis 3 75x56 Lapping Machines 36Engis 2 e1552589753756 56x75 Lapping Machines

36″ Spitfire, pressure heads or open fave, water cooled, slurry pumps, timer, 1980’s

36″ Lapmaster, open face or hold downs, 3 rings, 14-1/2″ I.D., pump, timer, as new

44″ Speedfam, 2-Sided, No. 16B, bridge style, Sony sizing, touch screen, exc., 2004

 Lapping Machines

48″ Lapmaster, open face, thick plate, 4 rings (17″ ID), new timer, slurry pump,  1978

 Lapping Machines  Lapping Machines  Lapping Machines

48″ Speedfam, No. 48BAW, press. heads, water cooled, 4 rings (18″), slurry pump, 1980’s

48Speedfam 1127 6 e1565403813246 56x75 Lapping Machines 48Speedfam 1127 8 e1565403951933 56x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Speedfam Glass Polisher, No. 48GPAW, pressure heads, rings, pump, 1980’s

48Speedfam Polisher 1 e1565404093862 56x75 Lapping Machines 48Speedfam Polisher 2 e1565404177769 56x75 Lapping Machines 48Speedfam Polisher 4 e1565404249193 56x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Speedfam, No. 48BW, Open Face, rings, thick lapping plate, slurry pump, 1970’s

48Speedfam OF 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

48″ Peter Wolters No. AC1200 2-Sided Lapper, exc. shape, under power, 1996

AC1200 1 56x75 Lapping Machines AC1200 6 e1519165551170 42x75 Lapping Machines AC1200 4 75x42 Lapping Machines AC1200 5 75x42 Lapping Machines AC1200 7 e1519165698285 42x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Lapmaster CP or Pad Polisher, 22″ granite bruiser, 18″ rings, DC Motor, under power

Mel 2 1 75x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Spitfire, No. 48PNLC, 4 rings, pneumatic pressure hold downs, cycle timer, 1989

48Spitfire1989 5 75x50 Lapping Machines 48Spitfire1989 4 75x50 Lapping Machines 48Spitfire1989 1 50x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Lapmaster, open face or air lifters, 4 rings, 17″ I.D., complete, as new

56″ Lapmaster, open face or hold downs, 4 rings, 20.8″ ring ID, pump, timer, as new

72″ Lapmaster, open face or hold downs, 4 rings, 27″ ring ID, pump, timer, as new

Miscellaneous parts and rings and plates for lapping machines.

LapmasterBenchModelRings 56x75 Lapping Machines  IMG 3103 75x56 Lapping Machines  IMG 3175 75x56 Lapping Machines  Bucket 3 e1543250857820 56x75 Lapping Machines Chuck MonochromaticLight 1 e1559270168447 56x75 Lapping Machines Chuck OpticalFlat 1 e1559270217474 56x75 Lapping Machines FlatnessGauge 1 e1559270279318 56x75 Lapping Machines

Miscellaneous optical flats, monochromatic lights and flatness gauges for machines.

Manuals available for many Speedfam, Lapmaster, Spitfire, and other brands.

SpeedfamManual 56x75 Lapping Machines LapmasterManuals 56x75 Lapping Machines Manual 1 e1543250278500 56x75 Lapping Machines Manual 3 e1543250323570 56x75 Lapping Machines Manual 4 e1543250385568 56x75 Lapping Machines Manual 5 e1543250442671 56x75 Lapping Machines Manual 8 e1543250491538 56x75 Lapping Machines Manual 11 e1543250553151 56x75 Lapping Machines Manual 12 e1543250607680 56x75 Lapping Machines Manual 10 e1543250672163 56x75 Lapping Machines

We sell new lapping plates and conditioning rings for Lapmaster, Speedfam & Spitfire.