Lapping Machines

Below is a list of our current lapping machines inventory. For more information on any of our current machines, please contact us.

12″ Spitfire, Bench Model, 3 arms & 3 brand new rings (4-1/4″ I.D.), pump,  timer, 1985

12Spitfire1985 20 1 e1493081457190 56x75 Lapping Machines 12Spitfire1985 21 e1493081545757 56x75 Lapping Machines 12Spitfire1985 22 1 e1493081648298 56x75 Lapping Machines

12″ Lapmaster, bench model, 3 rings, 4-1/4″ I.D., pump, timer, hand weights, as new

15″ Lapmaster, bench model, 3 rings (5-1/2″ ID), pump, timer, hand weights, as new

20″ Bench Model Lapper, 3 arms & rings (7-1/2″ I.D.), cycle timer control, runs good

20Lapper 1 1 75x56 Lapping Machines 20Lapper 2 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

20″ Lapmaster, H.D. table model, open face or air hold downs, 3 rings, 7-1/2″ I.D.,  as new

24″ Lapmaster, Model 24E, open face, 3 rings (9-3/4″ I.D.), slurry pump, cycle timer, 1987

24Lapmaster1984 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

24″ Lapmaster, 3 rings, hold downs, lap & polish plate, vari speed, Mini Miser unit, 1990

28Lapmaster1987 341 75x56 Lapping Machines

24″ Lapmaster, polisher, copper plate, hold downs, diamond dispenser, vari speed, 2013

24Lapmaster2014 10 56x75 Lapping Machines 24Lapmaster2014 12 75x56 Lapping Machines 24Lapmaster2014 13 75x56 Lapping Machines 24Lapmaster2014 14 75x56 Lapping Machines

24″ Speedfam, open face, 4 rings (9″ I.D.), hand weights, timer, exc. lap plate, 1985

20160621 102950 1 e1489454183518 56x75 Lapping Machines 20160811 114335 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

24″ Lapmaster, open face or air lifters, 3 rings, 9-3/4″ I.D., slurry pump, timer, as new

25″ Speedfam No. 9B5L, 2-Sided, new Siemens controls, Sony probe, refurbished 2017

28″ Lapmaster, No. 700, polisher & lapper, vari speed, MiniMiser, rings, loaded, 1987

28Lapmaster1987 52 75x56 Lapping Machines 28Lapmaster1987 51 75x56 Lapping Machines 28Lapmaster1987 50 75x56 Lapping Machines 28Lapmaster1987 54 75x56 Lapping Machines 28Lapmaster1987 37 1 75x56 Lapping Machines 28Lapmaster1987 43 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

28″ Engis, 3 arms & hold downs, MiniMiser, cycle timer, readouts, like new, 2014

 Lapping Machines  Lapping Machines  Lapping Machines  Lapping Machines IMG 16622 56x75 Lapping Machines

28″ Peter Wolters 2-Sided Fine Grinder, Model AC-700F, nice machine, new 1998

IMG 20231 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 20241 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 20061 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 20021 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 20011 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 19961 75x56 Lapping Machines

32″ Speedfam, Model 32BTAW, fully equipped, 4 rings(12″ ID), water cooled, 1980’s

IMG 28991 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 29001 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 28981 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 29031 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 29051 75x56 Lapping Machines  IMG 29101 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 29151 75x56 Lapping Machines

32″ Speedfam, No. 32BAW, new lap plate & rings, water cooled, reconditioned 2017

32Speedfam V24 75x56 Lapping Machines 32Speedfam V30 1 e1490928268151 56x75 Lapping Machines 32Speedfam V31 e1490928335795 56x75 Lapping Machines 32Speedfam V32 75x56 Lapping Machines

36″ Lapmaster, open face, 3 rings, slurry pump, cycle timer, hand weights, nice, 1980’s

IMG 28712 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 28631 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 28651 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 28661 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 28681 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 28691 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 28701 75x56 Lapping Machines

36″ Spitfire, open face, 3 rings(14-1/2″ ID),  slurry sys., timer, being  reconditioned, 1991

36Spitfire1991 16 75x56 Lapping Machines 36Spitfire1991 17 75x56 Lapping Machines

36″ Lapmaster, open face or air lifters, 3 rings, 14-1/2″ I.D., pump, timer, as new

45″ Speedfam, No. 16B5P, 2-Sided, inspect under power in shop, several,  1992

image11 75x56 Lapping Machines image31 56x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Lapmaster, open face style, 4 rings (17″ I.D.), variable speed, timer, slurry, 1990’s

IMG 0999 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 1001 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 1002 75x56 Lapping Machines

48″ Lapmaster, air pressure hold downs, vari speed, 4 rings, slurry system, 10 H.P., 1992

Lapmaster48FPic1 56x75 Lapping Machines  Lapmaster48FPic6 75x56 Lapping Machines Lapmaster48FInverter 56x75 Lapping Machines Lapmaster48FSlurryPump 56x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Speedfam Spiral Grooved Diamond Polishing Plate for a 48″ Speedfam Machine.

48SpeedfamPolishingPlate 1 75x56 Lapping Machines 48SpeedfamPolishingPlate 2 75x56 Lapping Machines

48″ Peter Wolters, No. FL12D, single sided, hold downs, water cooled, U/P, 1980’s(2)

Wolters1 2 56x75 Lapping Machines Wolters2 1 56x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Lapmaster, open face or air lifters, 4 rings, 17″ I.D., complete, as new

48″ Speedfam, Model 48BTGW, 4 rings, air pressure hold downs, slurry unit, 1980’s

48Speedfam P2 56x75 Lapping Machines 48Speedfam P3 56x75 Lapping Machines 48Speedfam P4 56x75 Lapping Machines 48Speedfam P102 e1477257690282 56x75 Lapping Machines 48Speedfam P12 e1477257722926 56x75 Lapping Machines

48″ Speedfam, 2-Sided, No. 18B5P, Polisher, 4 motor, touch screen control, 2002(3)

18B 5P466616 745Pic1 75x56 Lapping Machines 18B 5P466616 745Pic2 56x75 Lapping Machines 18B 5P466616 745Pic3 75x56 Lapping Machines

72″ Lapmaster, with or without hold downs, 20 H.P., slurry system, cycle timer, as new

84″ Speedfam rings for an 84″ Speedfam, geared, as new, 4-1/2″ high with lip, 32-1/2″ I.D.

84SpeedfamRings 2 75x56 Lapping Machines 84SpeedfamRings 1 75x56 Lapping Machines

96″ Strasbaugh Lapper, 4 hold downs and rings, variable speed, 36″ I.D., 30 H.P., timer.

55376 1 75x56 Lapping Machines 55376a 75x56 Lapping Machines 55376b 75x56 Lapping Machines 55376c 75x56 Lapping Machines 55376d 75x56 Lapping Machines 55376e 75x56 Lapping Machines

120″ Lapmasters, Lapper and Polisher, open face, new approx. 2000 (2), available now

No. PR1-66T  Hoffman 2-Sided Lapping & Polishing, vari. speed, pneu. lifter, like new

No. PR1-85T Hoffman 2-Sided Lapping & Polishing, pneumatic lifter, refurbished, exc.

Miscellaneous parts and rings and plates for lapping machines.

32SpeedfamRings 1 75x56 Lapping Machines KLS pump 3 75x56 Lapping Machines 32SpeedfamRingsInventory 2 75x56 Lapping Machines LapmasterBenchModelRings 56x75 Lapping Machines IMG 3102 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 3103 75x56 Lapping Machines IMG 3105 75x56 Lapping Machines

Miscellaneous optical flats, monochromatic lights and gauges for lapping machines.

Manuals available for many Speedfam, Lapmaster, Spitfire, and other brands.

SpeedfamManual 56x75 Lapping Machines LapmasterManuals 56x75 Lapping Machines