Machine Tools

Below is a list of our current metalworking machine tools inventory. For more information on any of our current machines, please contact us.

Elb “Micro-Cut” Creep Feed Grinder, CNC, 15.7″ x 31.5″ travels, loaded, exc., 2002

Elb 11 75x56 Machine Tools Elb 10 75x56 Machine Tools Elb 14 75x56 Machine Tools Elb 13 75x56 Machine Tools Elb 15 75x56 Machine Tools Elb 16 75x56 Machine Tools Elb 17 75x56 Machine Tools

Model 3GB Mitsui Seiki Jig Grinder, 10″ x 16″ travels, 40K RPM head, exc., 1988

AP 5 e1556808319843 36x75 Machine Tools

3′ x 8″ Tai Pin Radial Drill, Model TPR 820, 3 H.P., box table, exc. shape, 1990’s

NE 2 50x75 Machine Tools NE 4 e1552438554173 56x75 Machine Tools

Model FL-500 Safety Kleen Industrial Parts Washer, never used, as new, 2017

NE 3 65x75 Machine Tools NE 6 e1552438646989 56x75 Machine Tools SafetyKleen 4 e1558401594609 56x75 Machine Tools NE 10 56x75 Machine Tools

Model VF-2B Haas CNC Vertical Machining Center, exc. shape, under power, 2003

Haas 15 e1553270633954 75x56 Machine Tools Haas 16 75x56 Machine Tools Haas 10 56x75 Machine Tools Haas 12 e1553270976990 75x56 Machine Tools

Modern Model 857II Universal Knee Mill, 3 Axis, power feed, DRO, exc., 2007

Modern 1 e1553270730489 75x56 Machine Tools Modern 2 e1553270788710 75x56 Machine Tools

No. 3 Moore Jig Grinder, 3 heads, 11″ x 24″, beautiful shape, in plant, 1963

John 17 56x75 Machine Tools John 13 1 56x75 Machine Tools John 22 1 e1549405570530 75x56 Machine Tools

No. 3 Polamco (Toolmex) Vert. Mill, Swivel Head, 5 HP, Speeds to 1800 RPM, U/P, 1987

Sam 1 1 75x56 Machine Tools Sam 2 1 75x56 Machine Tools Sam 4 1 75x56 Machine Tools

No. 2CH Kearney & Trecker Pl. Horizontal Mill, 5 H.P., arbor & supports, U/P, 1960’s

Sam 20 1 e1550092908466 56x75 Machine Tools Sam 22 e1550092966935 56x75 Machine Tools Sam 23 1 e1550093033818 56x75 Machine Tools

Model FNC 74 Makino, Fanuc Controls, under power, low hours, great condition, 1990’s

John 3 56x75 Machine Tools

Model FNC 106 Makino, Fanuc Controls, 41″ x 23″ x 22″, 20 Tool, Good Shape, 1990’s

John 1 75x56 Machine Tools

No. WSU12 W. & S. CNC Turning Lathe, Fanuc 6TB, like new, 900 hours, U/P, 30 H.P.

John 2 56x75 Machine Tools

No. 1740 Standard Modern CNC Lathe, 17″ sw., 40″ cc,  Miltronics controls, U/P, 1990’s

John 4 75x56 Machine Tools

No. 3 Moore Universal Inspection Machine, tooled, beautiful shape, from lab, 1960

John 10 56x75 Machine Tools John 11 56x75 Machine Tools John 16 56x75 Machine Tools

Bryant Center Hole Grinder, 2″ x 42″, vise, univ. dresser, like new, 1985

BryantCenterHoleGrinder 1 e1543249811548 50x75 Machine Tools

No. 2 Moore Jig Grinder, standard machine, nice shape, digital readouts, in shop, 1956

No2Moore 3 1 e1515443300191 56x75 Machine Tools Moore 3 1 e1519055379558 56x75 Machine Tools Moore 5 e1519055427120 56x75 Machine Tools Moore 7 e1519055475273 56x75 Machine Tools Moore 9 e1519055526994 56x75 Machine Tools Moore 11 e1519055580900 56x75 Machine Tools

No. 2H20 Gardner Disc Grinder, 23″ wheels, 20 H.P. motors, semi-auto. gun feed

M 22 75x42 Machine Tools M 23 75x42 Machine Tools M 24 75x42 Machine Tools M 25 75x42 Machine Tools M 26 75x42 Machine Tools M 28 75x42 Machine Tools M 29 75x42 Machine Tools

No. 220-8 Cincinnati Centerless grinder, infeed or thru feed work, nice shape

M 32 75x42 Machine Tools M 33 75x42 Machine Tools M 34 75x42 Machine Tools M 35 75x42 Machine Tools M 36 75x42 Machine Tools M 38 75x42 Machine Tools M 39 75x42 Machine Tools

Imatec Thru-Feed Grinder, 2 stations, 25 HP, AB PLC, deburring station, U/P, exc., 1998

Imatec 2 1 46x75 Machine Tools Imatec 3 1 75x75 Machine Tools Imatec 1 1 75x38 Machine Tools Imatec 4 1 75x73 Machine Tools

Doosan Model QL-30H Twin Spindle Load CNC Lathe, under power, exc. shape, 2000

Enshu Model JE-50 Horiz. Machining Center, 40 tool, 1 degree pallet, under power, 2007

JE 50Front 56x75 Machine Tools JE 50Back 56x75 Machine Tools JE 50Spindle 56x75 Machine Tools JE 50Chipconveyor 56x75 Machine Tools JE 50LHside 56x75 Machine Tools JE 50Table 56x75 Machine Tools

Enshu Model JE-40 Horiz. Machining Center, 30 tool, 1 Degree, 10K spdls., 3 available

205 Front 67x75 Machine Tools 205 LeftSide 75x75 Machine Tools 205 RightSide 68x75 Machine Tools 205 Rear Chiller 53x75 Machine Tools

12″ x 24″ Kent Hyd. Surface Grinder, No. SGS-1224-AHD, coolant pump, exc., 1995 g1 56x75 Machine Tools g2 56x75 Machine Tools g3 56x75 Machine Tools g4 56x75 Machine Tools g11 56x75 Machine Tools